New House Construction for Habitat for Humanity

Employees of the call center of JP Morgan Chase, as well as those of Washington Mutual, join together on a project that aims to reaffirm their dedication and commitment to San Antonio. The project is a new house construction for the nonprofit organization Habitat for Humanity.

According to Jay Clingman, chairman of the JP Morgan Chase operations in San Antonio, this project is expected to reaffirm and assure people that they are still dedicated to the city.

Clingman further adds that after JP Morgan Chase’s announcement of its recent acquisition of Washington Mutual, officials of the city spoke out and gave their opinions about the concerns and worries about what could happen to the Washington Mutual operations center, as well as the 1,800 employees working in it.

JP Morgan Chase acquired Washington Mutual, a Seattle-based banking company, from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. The acquisition was worth $2 billion, after which the company also assumed Washington Mutual’s portfolio of troubled mortgage loan.

According to Clingman, one of the first concerns about the acquisition was the viability of the Washington Mutual center. With this, he stated that the 1,800 employees would not lose their jobs. In fact, there can even be more people to be recruited. Now, as a combined group, both companies can work together to help in the construction of the Habitat house.

The Habitat project, which involves both groups’ efforts in the construction of the house, is in line with the philanthropic functions of the group. To start the project, the house building project enlisted the help of Ann and Bob Coleman, as well as of Balous Miller and wife Julie.

According to Stephanie Weiss, vice president of development and communications of Habitat for Humanity in San Antonio, employees of both Chase and Bill Miller are doing their parts to contribute to the construction of the house. So far, the weekend house building work has been taken alternately by the employees of both companies.

Even experts have been helping in the project, getting involved in roofing, framing, siding, and other construction aspects. The project has been crucial in building more homes in the area, since there is a big need for houses in San Antonio. She further adds that a typical Habitat house costs $63,000, and is even expensive for a lot of families who cannot afford to pay for the construction of their homes.

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