How-To: Home Building Additions and Home Remodeling

Making home building additions or changes can be a good investment. However, before you take any steps towards fulfilling your home remodeling plans, there are some important items that you should consider first:

  • Financing
  • Home market values in the area
  • Home renovation costs
  • Architectural plans and design
  • Timetable for completion
  • Commitment to the project
  • If you think you are ready to start your project, here are some tips for a hassle-free home renovation:

  • Good communication with the contractor or remodeler. It is important that you can contact your remodeler easily if you have a question that needs to be answered or clarified immediately. Make sure that he informs you immediately if there are some problems or complications concerning the project.
  • Make sure that have full trust on the expertise and knowledge of your contractor.
  • Set a timetable for completion. Make sure that you and your contractor have come into understanding and mutual agreement about the timetable for your house remodeling project. This would lessen if not eliminate any problems and conflicts that may arise later.
  • Put everything into writing. Make sure that you put into writing all the details pertaining with the project that you and your contractor have agreed upon. Have your remodeler review your written proposal.
  • Clarify miscellaneous details. Before the project starts, make sure that all the kinks have been ironed out first before work commences, including access to the property, workdays and times, protection of the property and daily cleanup.
  • Make your schedule flexible during the course of your home additions project.
  • Clarify with your house builder contractor on how changes should be handled during the course of the project.
  • Have a contract that covers some items, such as project timetable, payment schedule and insurance.
  • If the remodeler subcontracted some parts of the work, request a lien waiver upon culmination of the project.

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