Home Builders in FL Alarmed by Toxic Drywall

Home builders in FL are alarmed after finding out that Chinese drywall used by some home builders have been found to be toxic and hazardous to health. In an effort to intensify their efforts against hazardous chemicals and compounds, the

Chinese Drywall Complaint Center has been increasing its programs to educate home and property owners in the area.

The Center expressed that homeowners should not trust home builders when they are told that no Chinese drywall was or would be employed in building their homes. It is important to take precautionary measures in making sure that no toxic chemical would be used in building their houses. Also, do not accept statements from builders saying that there is nothing that can be done about it or that they can re-drywall your house instead.

Home builders in FL account for more drywall in any other state in the country. This is alarming for all the residents, so it is important that every one cooperates in the move against Chinese drywall and its use in home building. Problems have started to manifest when air conditioning units and their drywalls that were installed in 2004 started to fail. A normal drywall would last for ten years. According to the Center, there is no way that the home builders did not have any idea about the flaws of imported drywalls.

Of course, the main reason why a lot of home builders use this kind of drywall is because it is cheap. However, it poses a greater risk and has now become a threat to the reputation of home building companies. The great thing about this is that the Center accepts complaints from homeowners who have already confirmed that their house has Chinese drywall.

Those who are suspecting can also ask for further information, so that they can verify their situation.

Obviously, there is a lack of attention to this problem. It seems that only the Center is taking action on it. However, it is important to know that this is no simple matter. There are a lot of issues that would need to be addressed along with the problem of Chinese drywall. Home builders in FL should pay attention to the call of residents and of the Center as soon as they can.

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