Home Building: Planning Your Home Renovation

A home renovation is a serious matter. If you are planning one, it will not hurt if you check out these suggestions:

  1. Supervise the home renovation. More than anyone else, you are the person who is in the best position regarding renovating your home. You might not know anything about construction, but leaving your home builder contractor alone without your oversight places your house in danger. Changes might be made without your consent, or worse, your plan might not be followed. When it comes to your house remodeling, it is important that you are able to talk professionally with the people that you will be working with. If you are not confident to oversee the renovation by yourself, you can ask a friend or a relative with more knowledge.
  2. Prepare for the house renovation. During the time period while your house is being renovated, you might have to transfer temporarily to another house. Plan your renovation well. You might want to fix one area at a time so that you won’t have to live in another place while your house is being renovated. When you want to renovate your kitchen, design a good strategy. It is difficult to move around the house when it is the kitchen that is being renovated. More importantly, you won’t be able to perform some tasks with your kitchen disabled.
  3. Do some parts of your home renovation yourself. You might want to get your hand on your house renovation. For the easy parts, save labor costs by doing them yourself. You can even enlist your family and make it a family activity. To balance this off, make sure that you don’t get overly enthusiastic and do even the difficult parts. Leave the crucial tasks such as plumbing and electricity to the experts.
  4. Secure the permits you have to get before you start your home renovation. Home renovation is very similar to home building. There are rules and regulations governing these activities, so it is best to check in your local area or state which permits you have to secure. Make sure that you follow all rules and regulations in your area. If you hired a contractor, he is the one responsible to secure necessary permits.

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2 Responses to “Home Building: Planning Your Home Renovation”

  1. Amanda says:

    Very well said Cassiano. You are right that as early as now, I should plan on vacating the area and live with my SIL for a while, when the kitchen is disabled my family will have a hard time to do the usual cooking. Thanks a lot!

  2. shmolik says:

    Very nice article but we think that suggesting people to do construction by themselves can be tricky. if any mistakeds will be done, it will cost more to fix those rather than let a professional construction company to do it in first place.
    do it yourself is great when it concern the easy parts as mentioned above.