Tips for New House Construction

Your house seems to always need some changes from time to time. This is because your family’s needs keep on changing as time passes by. Some home builders, in response to this, undertake smart actions and construction methods and details that would enable the house occupants to adjust to their needs.

A lot of features are now being added in new house construction, including increased energy efficiency, a floor plan that is well thought of, or more technological and advanced functions. If you decide to undertake a new home construction, you should consider to get functions and amenities that should be planned well ahead of time and added at different stages of the construction. Here are time-sensitive upgrades that you have to consider and plan well before you even start on your new home building:

  • Hardwood floors. It is important to think ahead of hardwood floors, especially of your new house has a second floor. For instance, if a tile or a rug is in front of the first step of your stairs, then adding a nailed down floor would make your bottom step shorter than all your steps. Home builders determine the height of steps by the material of the floor in front of the staircase.
  • Door width of your garage. It is important to take into consideration your single garage door. Do not let the homes builders put in 8-feet doors. It is best to get a door that is at least 9 feet, so that you can easily drive in and out of your house.
  • Door height of your garage. It is important that you give your garage room for special cases. For instance, if you want to park a lifted truck or a boat, then you have to get a high garage door. Make sure that you specify the height before the actual house construction starts.
  • Length and width of your garage. Make sure that you do not forget the details of your garage width and length.
  • Sink in the utility room. Before you start the construction of your house, tell your builder that you need your sink to be deep.
  • An extra bathroom. Make sure that your floor plan is conducive for adding a bathroom. Before the cement is even poured, you have to determine if you are going to add a bathroom in the future.
  • Power plug in the garage or utility room. If you need a freezer or refrigerator power plug, it is important that you inform your home builders way ahead of time, so that it can be constructed properly to prevent breaker trips.

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