Home Building: On Setting Up the Interior

Prepare a perfect home interior and sell your home easily. Consider a house renovation or check out this categorical approach to make your house stand out:

    Repairs and Maintenance:

  • See to it that there is a functional lighting in your home.
  • Get rid of plumbing problems.
  • Replace damaged fixtures. Repair leaks and make sure everything inside works.
  • Control the climate. Get your furnace, air conditioner, etc. working like new.
  • Clean the walls and floor.
  • See to it that the security alarm system and the smoke and carbon dioxide detectors are in good working condition.
  • Repair sticking cabinets and loose knobs, as well as broken light switches and electrical outlets.
  • Organizing:

  • Make your home look spacious with big storage space.
  • Do a garage sale to dispose unnecessary items, or donate them to charity.
  • Recycle if possible. Keep storage areas tidy.
  • Room-to-Room Cleaning

  • Make your home spotless.
  • Glue back peeling wallpapers and throw out garbage.
  • Paint the trim, door, and walls way ahead of time.
  • Home Inspection

  • Bathrooms: Remove rust, mildew, etc. to make it sparkle. Replace old toilet seats and shower curtains.
  • Kitchens: Clean the cooking appliances. De-grease vents and exhaust fans. Clean garbage disposal to avoid bad odor. Clear the cabinets and counters of unnecessary items and replace old lights, handles, and door knobs.
  • Doors and windows: Polish hinges, knobs, and other fixtures, and make sure they work properly. Oil hinges and install secure locks and dead bolts. Clean windows.
  • Floors: Repair damaged tiles and wax the floors.
  • Ceilings: Fix imperfections and repaint if needed.
  • Bedrooms and living areas: Dust furniture and vacuum carpets. Make everything dust-free and bright.
  • Garage, workshop, utility rooms: Do a total clean-up. Keep tools and other items in wall units.
  • Stairways, entrances, exits: See to it that guardrails and handrails are secure.

Your spending on your home renovation can be returned once a buyer realizes the convenience it has provided.

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