DIY New House Construction

There seems to be a new trend in new house construction. As the economic crisis looms over the housing industry, some Americans find ways for them to save up on construction costs. Homeowners are now taking the role of being home builders.

Nine families took part in constructing their own houses through the Self Help Housing Project of the Lower Columbia Community Action Program. The families recently took part in a barbecue party to celebrate their success in the construction of their homes.

This is celebration of the National Homeowners Celebration Month.

The participants in this project are families which are not able to buy their own houses without getting help. To qualify, a family should be able to meet an income guideline and should also have good credit. Instead of giving down payments, the families built homes under the supervision of a person that saw their work. They worked for 30 hours every week in a span of 12 to 15 months. This project resulted in low mortgages that families have to pay for.

Not all the construction work was done by the families. Some parts such as the electrical work, plumbing and insulation were done by contractors. This also resulted in a community of families who saw each other work on their own houses. The program has helped more than 300 families through the years of existence.

Families who participated this year are set to move in later during the summer. There is another plan that would launch a second phase to this project in the next few years. A six-house community in 46th Avenue, and another 14-home in Castle Rock are being planned.

Participants said that they had a lot of fun participating in the project. Although they were exhausted from the work, it was all worth it. Plus, they learned a lot of skill sin house construction. A participant even expressed his desire to volunteer and help in the upcoming projects for in the program.

The community is well-bonded, after having spent the whole construction phase together. This has resulted in a very ideal community, where everyone knows everyone else. CAP hopes that this program would reach out to other families and homeowners, as well as to organizations and companies, to launch their own efforts in helping each other out.

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