Home Building 101: Protection with Fire-wise Landscape

Homebuyers and homeowners should know that one of the ways you can protect your homes from wildfires is to have a landscape that is considered to be fire-wise. Whether you home home construction or home remodeling, you should take the following suggestions into consideration when it comes to landscape.

The Right Plants
There are actually plants which can be considered to be more fire-prone. For instance, conifers like spruces and pines will easily catch fire. Make sure that you and your home builder will choose plants that can hold plenty of moisture especially during summer when wildfires occur.

Landscape Design
For residential constructions, you should try to keep the plants away from the main house. Remember that these plants are considered to be fuel for wildfires. In addition to this, also make sure that the spaces between your plants are adequate. This way, the wildfire will not be able to spread as quickly. It will also be wise to create a fire break in the form of a well-irrigated and low mown grass. During the planning period, you should also ensure that firefighters will have easy access to all areas of your home. Place retaining walls, trees and fences accordingly and choose material such as bricks and tiles over wood.

It is vital that you properly maintain your fire-wise landscape if you are serious about protecting your home from wildfires. Litter and debris should be removed regularly and low-lying branches should be cut especially those hanging near roofs. An irrigation system should also be in place. This will keep your plants sufficiently-moistened, lessening the chance of the wildfire from spreading. It is also important that you keep easily-flammable materials such as firewood in a fire-safe storage.

By following these tips, you will be able to protect your family and your home and minimize the damages caused by wildfires.

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