Pros and Cons of Building Houses Using Concrete

Concrete blocks have been popular materials for building houses, since long ago. As new materials are introduced in house construction, it is important to know whether or not it is fit for your house, as well as for your location to choose concrete. Here are some pros and cons in using concrete blocks in building houses:

Pro1: A concrete house is resistant to insect attacks. Unlike wood, it is not prone to termites and other insects that may damage your house.

Con1: Concrete blocks can be damaged by water more easily than other types of materials. This is especially true for areas that have high water table. If you want to use concrete, you would have to invest in high quality paint that is water proof. You also have to make sure that the drainage for your house is working excellently, to keep your house as far from water damage as possible.

Pro2: A house made of concrete is stronger than other houses. You would stand better against natural disasters such as strong winds and earthquakes when you use concrete blocks. Just make sure that you use other strong materials and that you employ an excellent way of constructing your house.

Con2: Concrete blocks are difficult to design. You may end up with a house that is not as attractive as you want it to be. They are not as flexible as other materials, and you might end up with a house that looks like a commercial building.

Pro3: Concrete blocks are fire-resistant. They not only resist fire, but they are also able to stand strong after being exposed to fire. Other materials react fast to heat and fire, and thus are not able to protect your house well.

Con3: Concrete blocks are more expensive than other construction materials. Although the cost of concrete blocks can differ from area to area, you can expect the cost to be up to triple the other materials used in building houses such as drywalls and 2x4s.

So as much as there are advantages to using concrete blocks, there are also concerns that you have to prepare for. Depending on your goals in building your house, you can use concrete blocks for your new house.

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