Green Trends in New House Construction

Green house building is getting more popular in new house construction. In fact, two newly constructed homes in Elmhurst are both green homes. This information was given by Laura Reedy Stukel, a certified agent of EcoBroker at LW Ready Real Estate.

The first house was constructed under the supervision of Styczynski Walker and Associates. The construction of the house was based on standards set by the National Association of Home Builders. However, this is not the only standard that which houses are judged in terms of being green and eco-friendly.

The second green house that was recently constructed in Elmhurst is set to be placed in the market on May. Its construction is being built under the standards established by the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, also known as LEED. Linda Marick of the Lindam Properties Group is supervising the construction of the house.

The LEED standard employs a registration method that certifies if a product or a technique used in a certain project meets environment-friendly requirements. A project can meet one among four levels of certification that ranges from LEED-certified to a level called LEED Platinum.

Much like the first home, the Marick house has a lot of unique environment-friendly features. For example, it was built to be able to maximize natural light sources to decrease the need to use lighting fixtures. Even the ground level of the house has a huge light well that has standard windows and decking that can accommodate a large container garden. As a result, the house looks like above-grade spaces, but decreases the need to heat or cool the room.

The 3000 square foot house also includes water-conserving kind of plumbing and a water heater that is tankless. It uses Energy Star roofing that has reflective tiles which drives heat away from the house. Its construction also employs extensive insulation based on Energy Star standards.

The interior of the house also has environment-friendly features, such as salvaged hardwood flooring. The fireplace at the lower level also has a hearth. Its construction was made through bricks from Myrtle Street when the road was changed to asphalt.

According to Stukel, these two houses represent the start of a new trend in new house construction in Elmhurst. Stukel specializes in environment-friendly and energy-efficient houses. The economic crisis in which we are in now are causing consumers to look for new construction methods that save energy.

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