Sustainable House Office Building Projects

New York City is finding ways into turning itself into a location of energy-efficient house office building projects. Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City, unveiled an energy efficient office building that is worth $25 million. Located at Perry Avenue, the building uses solar panels, toilets that use rainwater and has six windmills on its rooftop. According to Bloomberg, wind power is something that can be tapped into for the energy resource of the city.

Lately, more and more attention has been given to creating sustainable and environment-friendly solutions, more specifically for cities. Last February, President Barack Obama created the Office of Urban Affairs. This team focuses on creating and implementing environmental policies. Early this year, Obama said that the US has the biggest responsibility in initiating change for everyone to act about climate change. With this, he launched a stimulus package worth $25 billion, all channeled to create infrastructure that would focus on sustainable house office building projects, and other similar items.

The new building in Brooklyn, New York is part of the $250 million program that aims to make the Navy Yard a main area for green industry. Plan NYC, a project that was launched two years ago, aimed at acting on the gas emissions of the cities around the world, which account for 80 percent of all gas emissions.

This data means that people who live in the city contribute four times as much gas emissions as people in the rural areas. However, the date has been countered by a recent report that indicates how people living in New York emit three times less greenhouse gases than the average American. Barcelona and London both emit around half of the total greenhouse gases in their whole country.

These data state that cities emit only around 40 percent of the total greenhouse gases of a country, while more than 50% of emissions come from people living in rural areas. However, this does not mean that solutions coming from the city are not as significant as those that would come from the rural areas. This is because most of us would relocate to the cities in 2050, when 70 percent of use would move to urban settings. With this, it is important to know that efforts to have more eco friendly house office building projects are very significant in our drive to have a more sustainable and energy-efficient city.

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