New House Construction Guide

New house construction should follow strict guidelines. If you are planning to build a new house, you should never forget all the important things that would make sure you would have a successful house building.

Here are five important steps for you:

  1. Budget. Start to think about your budget and prepare. Plan everything according to a working budget that you know you would be able to afford. Most likely, you would get a construction loan and also, a home mortgage. With this, it is important that you find out what kind of loan you should fall under. Also, evaluate the materials and the cost it would take to build the kind of home that you want. You can get building cost estimators to help you in doing this.
  2. Select your lot. This goes before anything else, like floor plans and other details. Hire a professional to help you choose a lot. Evaluate according to the condition of the soil, drainage, building codes and zoning.
  3. Get your team. Now it is time to hire more professionals to help you in your house construction. Get a team of designers, construction workers, and other important people. Key people would be an excavator, a builder, a surveyor and an architect or a designer. A lot of homeowners start with getting the home builder. They would most likely know who to choose for your other experts. However, if you have a personal choice for the architect or designer, then it’s fine.
  4. Get a plan. A lot of new house are built through stock plans in catalogs. Your builder or designer may make some modifications in sizes of the rooms and other details, according to your preferences as well. A lot of times, a new house that is custom-built would require the need for a licensed architect. It is important to think of your needs in the coming years as you choose your design.
  5. Negotiate. Make sure that you have a written contract for your new house construction. It should be signed and dated both by your builder or contractor, and also your architect and designer. Your contract would describe the whole new house construction project for your house, including details and a list of all the parts that would be included in your house. Make sure that you make necessary amendments in your contract if you need to make changes in the project.

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