House Construction Charity Group in Action

Janalee, Moquin, a single mother living in York, Maine, was recently chosen by Habitat for Humanity to receive a house that would be constructed this summer. The board of the York County Habitat voted last Wednesday and decided that Moquin is the best applicant for the new house construction. As the new partner of the charity organization, she is also expected to put in some of her effort in the construction of her house. It will be located on 8 Hemlock Ave.

Volunteers for the project should email Habitat and should know that house construction would only take place during Friday and Saturday. However, arrangements for some groups who are unavailable at these days can be made.

Moquin is the founder of a local home-schooling club named A La Carte, and of “Festival of Trees”. Aside from this, she and her child Orian, now 12, are active participants of a lot of charity and community activities in York. She also worked in town and has served the community through her efforts, making her the clear choice for the program.

Moquin moved to York from Massachusetts along with her son and her mother back in 2004. She used to live in an apartment in Mount Agamenticus, a property owned by the town. She had hoped that things would turn around for her, and she is just plain happy about being chosen for the Habitat house construction project.

According to Richard Parsons, chairman of the board of Habitat York County, around 15 applications were received. The decision they made was based on financial status, community standing and the conditions of the present residence.

Parsons added that Moquin’s role and active participation in the community made her stand out from the other applicants. If they would be granted the house construction project, then she and her son Orion would be able to do more worthwhile contributions to the community.

Moquin is very happy about this, and says that doing a lot of things to help others is actually her comfort zone. She actually finds it a little odd to have a lot of people helping her. To date, Habitat has already registered around 50 volunteers to help in the house construction project.

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