Sidney Code for House Building Provides Financing Advantages

The process of house building in Sidney, Montana involves several steps and one of these is acquiring a building permit. Based on local statistics, more than $80 million worth of building permits were issued by the area for commercial and residential construction between 1999 and 2009.

According to local housing officials, building a house according to the city’s code is important and the permit issued for the construction is necessary for the project to get started. Before the actual construction, homeowners are required to file a building permit application. In the application, owners are asked certain information such as the location of the house, legal and physical description and property lines among others.

The application is then forwarded to the public works department where it will be approved. The building inspector will then make a permit that will require additional information to make sure that the house or structure is built according to the requirements specified under the building code.

In Sidney, there are areas that have specific house building requirements, like what type of residence is allowed and what types are not. Certain areas might allow only single family houses to be built in the neighborhood, while others might allow multifamily dwellings. The city is currently using the 2006 International Building Code, although it has started the process of implementing the 2009 version.

According to county officials, the guidelines are not strictly required, but they do recommend them since acquiring a building permit will help homeowners get financing. They added that there are certain banks that do not grant loans to homeowners unless their homes comply with building code requirements.

Once the construction is completed, a final inspection to check whether the home fulfilled the requirements under the code is conducted. Local housing officials have encouraged homeowners to get help from a building inspector to make sure that they are following the house building code to avoid errors that could result in additional costs and troubles.

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