Building a Home the Green Way

Nowadays, it is not enough that you think about you and your family’s needs when building a home. With the many campaigns to reduce energy consumption worldwide, you will also have to consider the environment’s as well.

Lucky for you, there are a lot of home builders who specialize in this particular home construction. You will only have to decide which construction and design you will go with. The choice usually ranges from using recycled materials to installing energy-efficient features to indoor quality of air to land-use.

With so many ways that a homeowner can participate in the green home movement, building a home can be so much simpler. Consider the following tips:

Installing solar panels, maximizing daylight, collecting rainwater – by utilizing natural energy and resources, you will be able to cut energy and water consumption considerably.

Use of sustainable products such as cork, bamboo and wheatboard cabinets – sustainable products usually make use of renewable materials and will have almost no impact on the environment.

Choose locally-manufactured materials and products – aside from not wasting energy since you have to transport these items; you also help the local economy.

Remodeling and upgrading to energy-efficient features – this could include the installation of maximum insulation, windows that are efficient in controlling penetration of sunlight, choosing water-fixtures with low flow, installation of tankless water heater, upgrading to a more efficient HVAC system and going for energy-efficient appliances.

Of course, the only way you can attain your “green” objectives is by working with a home builder who is familiar with sustainable design as well as green building. Your contractor should also be able to give you expert advice regarding energy efficiency.

Do not be surprised if such construction will cost you more than building a home without these green features. Just remember that you will actually be saving money in the long run and only have to shell out money at the beginning. For this reason, you might want to shop and compare home building cost and conduct some research about green homes. This way, you become familiar with the ins and outs and are able to make informed decisions.

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