House Construction Perks

House construction continues to attract more and more buyers, as the industry sees new hopes in the past weeks. Now, a lot of companies are giving incentives to buyers, resulting to better sales.

Now, buyers can start their house construction even if they are not sure of what their future could bring them. House construction companies now offer incentives and insurance that would ensure buyers that they would be able to continue building their homes, even if they lose money, or the source of their payment for construction.

For instance, FieldStone Homes give buyers a chance to get lower prices as the company lowers prices in the coming months or years, even if the buyer had already signed a contract before. They also offer help in paying for your house if ever you lose your job while you are in the process of paying for it.

A lot of home builders are exerting more effort and undertaking new strategies for them to be able to continue generating interest. According to Ryan Kirkham, Salt Lake Board of Realtors president, the offers are really attractive to a lot of homeowners.

FieldStone, specifically is very active in protecting their buyers. According to Vaughn Wihongi, sales and marketing director, they believe that people can actually buy, but with the uncertainty of the economy, are not attracted to buying and taking the risk.

The prices of the properties that FieldStone is building range from $150,000 to $200,000, and are being built in Weber, Salt Lake, Tooele and Utah counties. Although it is hard to put a price on help in case of lay offs, it is still best to weigh one’s options when looking for a house construction deal.

Kirkham, however, points out that there are a lot of perks for buyers that are available to them now. There are even lower prices of homes, interest rates, and even grants and tax credits that would significantly lower the cost of getting a new house.

When looking at a house construction plan, it is best to find all the information you can. Do your own research and negotiate with your home builder of choice. With the right information and the determination to get the best deal for your house, you would be able to get the best deal; for yourself, as well as some other perks from your house construction company.

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