Home Construction: Painting Made Easy

Who says you cannot paint like a pro? Home painting is not as hard as what you think; it just requires patience, time, and attention to detail. Do this to save time and money since hiring someone to do it for you is expensive.

Follow these guidelines and you can do it like a pro:

  1. Purchase a large bucket and a paint screen. Buy a roller extension for convenience. Place the paint try in a plastic trash bag before pouring the paint for easy cleanup.
  2. Pour in some paint and put the screen in the bucket. Dip the roller to the paint and run it over the screen to take away excess paint. A “spongepaint” technique gives your walls a textured look.
  3. After painting, check the walls to see the need for touch-ups. Put leftover paint inside a plastic squeeze bottle and squeeze a little drop onto a paper towel and do a subtle touch-up. If there is still a leftover paint, put a label on it with what room is it for, and store it for future use.
  4. When the roller starts to fuzz, wait for the roller to dry up then run a coarse material brush or a wire over it to remove excess fuzz and result to a smoother surface so more paint can be absorbed.
  5. If you are to use the same paint the next day, just wrap it in aluminum foil and put it inside your freezer. The next day, take it out the freezer and position it under the sun. If you are to change the paint color, use a garden hose outdoor and wash it off. If you are completely done, wrap it in plastic wrap and keep it in a paper bag. Seal the cans of leftover paint and keep them upside down.

Not only was painting made cheap and easy but the home building process was made simpler as well.

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